Biodynamic Massage Treatments

Deeply relaxing and non-invasive. Releases mental an physical tension, supporting the body to heal.

Biodynamic Massage:

A wonderfully gentle treatment which nevertheless can have a dynamic effect on the body and the emotions.  It reaches the vital core self and enables your natural healing systems to be restored.

Biodynamic massage is designed to restore your alignment with your core feelings and being.

Working on a massage table where your comfort is a priority, the therapist uses a stethoscope to follow what is known as your psychoperistalsis – those tummy rumblings which come in response to touch and the presence of another.

These methods are essentially peaceful and meditative, as well a having potent consequences for your whole health.

Where you have experienced trauma, whether physical or psychological or both, the methods can help to unravel its effects.

Biodynamic Psychology:

Established over 50 years ago by clinical Psychologist, Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) and developed since 1989 by IOBM, Biodynamic psychology is based on the discovery that the brain-gut axis is the regulator of nervousness and energy in the body, and that the ‘fight and flight’ and ‘freeze’ mechanisms, if not deactivated after an ’emergency’ event, can adversely affect our emotional and physical wellbeing.

This integrated understanding of the physiology underlying our emotions, allows Biodynamic Massage Therapists to be guided by your deepest bio-feedback responses, your breathing and your abdominal sounds, to systematically restore the workings of your innate healing mechanism,re-engage your survival instincts, and allow a natural progression of healing and wellbeing to unfold in your body.  This restoration process reconnects you to your Primary Personality – your vibrant core self, ready willing and able to meet life’s challenges – and clears the pathways to enable you to reach your potential and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

About Cica

Cica Lowson trained for 5 years and qualified as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist and Biodynamic Massage Therapist with The Gerda Boyesen Institute, now The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine (IOBM).  She has been practising Biodynamic Massage for more than fifteen years.

After your first session, an initial course of four to six sessions each 60 mins or 90 mins, weekly or fortnightly can support the biodynamic process and determine if you would like to work with me on an ongoing basis.

Cica will be available on selected Saturdays and on occasion during the week.

To book appointments contact Cica on 07974 571 773 or email

Costs are £55 for 1 hour, £75 for 1.5 hours and £95 for 2 hours

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