Bowen Therapy

Bowen Fascial Release Therapy with Lee

Bowen Fascial Release Therapy is tailored to your symptoms and needs, whether this be acute or chronic pain, posture imbalances, stress, anxiety, digestive, hormonal or neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Dementia.

I look at working with the original source of the problem (often not the area that you are experiencing pain). It is a whole body treatment which has the aim of helping your body to be able to identify and correct areas to restore balance to the body.
Being able to switch off the “Fight or Flight” response has a huge effect on the body, it can not only help to create calmness, but reduce blood pressure, improve breathing, aid circulation, digestion and boost the immune system. With the calming comes relaxation of the fascia and therefore promotes relaxation of tight muscles, tendons, ligaments and scar tissue.

The Bowen Therapy helps the body remember how to heal itself. The gentle yet powerful Bowen moves send neurological impulses to the brain resulting in immediate responses of muscle relaxation and pain reduction. The moves create energy surges. Electrical impulses sent to the nervous system remind the body to regain normal movement in joints, muscles and tendons. This helps relieve muscle spasms and increase blood and lymph flow.

Bowen Therapy affects the body primarily through the nervous and the bio-energetic systems, to bring it into a state of balance.

Some people feel shifts in their bodies during and after a Bowen session.

While many experience immediate pain relief, improvement is just as likely to unfold over the next few days to a week.

A treatment includes a full consultation and is an hour in duration. It can be carried out through light, loose clothing and most people experience a sense of well-being at the end of treatment.

The cost of a single treatment is £60 or a course of three is £165.00.

Treatments are by appointment only, so do please contact me on 07710722615 or email

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