Soft Tissue Therapy – Sports and Remedial Massage with Janni Danielsen

Appointments are available: Monday from 3.00pm , Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am to 3.00pm, and Saturday mornings 8am to 2.00pm

To make appointments go to Janni’s website where you can book on line, and where you can see how Janni will be managing appointments and implementing Covid-19 guidelines.

About Janni:- As a Soft Tissue Therapist I work with a variety of problems and I assess and treat accordingly, whether it being sports massage, deep tissue therapy, stretching or other techniques. It is important for me to always have the client at focus and work together during the massage treatment.

Soft Tissue therapy is a different approach to massage. I am looking at the body as a whole and not only as individual muscles or one type of massage i.e. swedish, sports or deep tissue massage. I review your body and treat you with the best suitable techniques and look at how your body functions as a whole. Soft Tissue Therapy is a mix of sports and remedial massage as well as rehabilitation advice and exercises. I use many different techniques such as neuromuscular techniques, muscle energy, stretching, friction and of course regular massage.

One of my favourite treatment methods is Myofascial release. This technique is very, very slow and works with the fascia that runs throughout our body.

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?
Massage therapy has been around for a long time and often it is referred to as sports, deep tissue or Swedish massage and more, but does that mean these techniques can’t be combined?

It is important to me as a Soft Tissue Therapist, that we go through a thorough case history to establish how you got the pain/niggle in the first place. Medications, surgery or underlying causes can all contribute to our body being out of balance. I will do my best to understand your condition and I am always trying to offer you advice on how to follow up from treatment with exercises, stretches and daily changes.

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy can be beneficial for the following conditions:
Sports injuries as well as preventionMaximising sports performanceBack and shoulder painNeck pain and stiffnessCalming down stressHelp improve insomniaOccupational and postural related tensionChronic aches and pains in muscles, tendons and ligamentsChronic tissue tension due to recent or past trauma.